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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nib-Lit Q&A Podcast: Howard Cruse, The Lost Interview, Part I

Listen to Mykl Sivak (doing his best Terry Gross) talk with comix living legend Howard Cruse in Part I (comprising the first 40 minutes) of their epic, near-two-hour Q&A.

This podcast was for all intents lost since its recording on February 13, 2010.

Listen to Part I here:

Photo courtesy Howard Cruse.

Nib-Lit Q&A: Shannon Wheeler Part 1

Listen to Mykl Sivak (doing his best John Dankosky) put Shannon Wheeler in the hotseat in Part 1 of this classic Q&A with the legendary Too Much Coffee Man creator. Part II coming soon!

Listen here:

Photo courtesy Shannon Wheeler's facebook profile.

Farfel: Ballpoint pen comic from 2002

Please click on the images individually, because they are out of order in the gallery for some reason.