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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally: Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 6: The BP Issue! Adults only, Please!

Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 6: The BP Issue!

10 big pages of gushing unstoppable vitriol!

With contributions by:
Josh Bayer
Steve Stegelin
Marc Palm
Nicolas Chalupa Chanic
Michele Witchipoo
Jeremiah Billadeau
Alix Maubrey
Andrew Bonia
Levi Jacob Bailey
Tony Millionaire

Plus a photographic image of BP exec Tony Hayward's penis, caught in the moment of Petrol Bukkake climax!

Adults only. Like the Deepwater Horizon spill itself, some of this stuff is offensive.

Update!: There will be a reissue of this issue in the next few days to repair a few minor technical issues. If anyone else wants to send a last minute submission, do it quick!