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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm big in Italy!

Daniela Petkovic's "This is So Contemporary" arts blog had a contest and I, Mykl Sivak, was one of the winners. My piece was chosen as best by 100% Presi Bene, a collective of Italian DJs/producers/events managers, a.k.a party throwers, and definitely the coolest judges in the contest. Why did they pick my art? Because it reminded them of a "Nofx t shirt and the Sgorbions stickers that we have been collected in the 80's." In case you don't speak Italian, "Sgorbions"is the Italian name for Garbage Pail Kids. That is truly the best compliment I have ever received regarding my art. I hear they will be sending me a 100% Presi Bene t-shirt for winning, but what I really want is to go to one of their parties! It may not be immediately apparent, but I take a lot of inspiration in my artwork from graffiti and street culture. I take a lot of cues from the fashion, music and art of this global subculture and it means a lot to me to have some of its membership recognize me in this way. Thanks 100% Presi Bene; thanks Daniela, or should I say, grazie!

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