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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nib-Lit Live on the radio!

Yesterday (5/5/10) I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on WNPR's "The Colin McEnroe Show" to talk Nib-Lit and the Southern Connecticut State University News comics section. The focus of the show was a discussion of what Colin has dubbed "Microlit," or publications with small or niche distribution numbers. It was good fun to participate in the discussion and to speak with other Connecticut publishers/editors who are working on projects that share some similarities with our Nib-Lit project. It was especially fun to talk with Colin who is an intelligent and individual voice and a just plain nice guy. Colin's show truly is one of my favorite on the radio and it was an honor and a great pleasure to be a part of it!

The Colin McEnroe Show: Microlit

Guests' sites:

Gently Read Literature

The Scope Magazine

Venu Magazine

Nib-Lits 4-5, the apparently semi-lost issues!

I guess these issues were never properly posted here. Enjoy!

Nib-Lit 4(Mislabeled as 3):

Nib-Lit 5:

Nib-Lit 6: