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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nib Lit dispatches from MoCCA 2010!

Podcast interviews now available: Matt Loux, Sean Pryor, Mike Dawson, Abby Denson, Tim Fish, Liz Baillie and Josh Bayer.

mykl sivak and Matt Loux photo by Revista Larvae

Matt Loux Interview MP3

Sean Pryor Interview MP3

Mike Dawson Interview MP3

Abby Denson Interview MP3

Tim Fish Interview MP3

Liz Baillie Interview MP3

Josh Bayer Interview MP3

Bill Plypton Interview MP3 (the worst interview in the history of the genre) This is so bad I couldn't even listen to it while mixing it down. My favorite part is when Plympton is clearly so vexed by my terrible interviewing tactics that he starts talking to another person about an unrelated topic during the interview. I hope you enjoy my shame.

Coming soon, interview with: Gabrielle Bell!