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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After the storm

First two pages of a multi-page story about two friends exploring a beach the day after a storm:

Space kids!

Flashback 1996: Ball & Triangle

Probably the last one of these I ever drew. Think I made while in art school in ATL, GA.

Sake Bomb!

2 or 3 years ago, I got the idea to make a series of prints for My good friend, chef Bun Lai of in New Haven, CT. I wanted to give him the prints as a gift for all the hospitality he'd shown me over the years and for being like a big brother to me. In the end, the prints were a disaster. My equipment was so broken down that no matter what I did everything kept ending up terribly off-register. I still have a stack of really gross prints. I may have given one or two to Bun as proof of my good-hearted attempt. Anyway, here is one of the original drawings I used in the photo emulsion stage of the process. I think it has its own charm. I like seeing the non-photo blue and whiteout. I think it also serves as an example of how even though sometimes things don't really work out as you intend them to, the process itself can be good and rewarding.