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Monday, April 12, 2010

Nib Lit Showcase!

I put together this Nib Lit Showcase for MoCCA. if you didn't get one, here's a PDF. It features comical stories by: Howard Cruse, Tony Millionaire, Sean Pryor, Sam Henderson, Steve Skeates, Kristyna Baczynski, Josh Bayer, Joaquin delaPuente Marc Palm, Box Brown, Nicolas Chalupa Chanic, Jarod Rosello, Craig Collins,... Iain Laurie, Dave Alexander, and Mykl Sivak!

MoCCA minicomic:

If you didn't go to MoCCA or didn't get one from me there, you can download a PDF of the minicomic collection I made for the event here:

Some Gentlemen Poster Art:

Nib Lit #7

Nib Lit, Issue: 01.07 Preview:
Hot off the press: Nib Lit #7, featuring art by the usual freaks and a 2 page story by Nicolas Chalupa Chanic!

Contact/Nib Lit Submissions

mykl g sivak: