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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

In 2003, when the American Splendor film was released, the website hosted a contest where regular folks could illustrate a couple of scripts penned by Pekar himself. I took part, and neither of my attempts won, though both came close. Looking at the comics now, I'm struck by the weird sketchy style of my lines. Never before or since have I drawn in a style like this, and I can only assume it was a manifestation of the extreme stress I was under in my personal life at this time. At any rate, I never had the honor of working with Harvey or officially illustrating one of his comics. Even though these two comics were my unsolicited entries to an open contest, it still felt great to put some images to the master's words. He will be missed.

A comic about Mykl by Athena Tserpeli!

My "friend" Athena Tserpeli from Greece drew this comic about me. I might be mad if it wasn't 100% accurate.

If anyone else wants to draw a comic about me they can send them to:
I welcome your abuse.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally: Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 6: The BP Issue! Adults only, Please!

Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 6: The BP Issue!

10 big pages of gushing unstoppable vitriol!

With contributions by:
Josh Bayer
Steve Stegelin
Marc Palm
Nicolas Chalupa Chanic
Michele Witchipoo
Jeremiah Billadeau
Alix Maubrey
Andrew Bonia
Levi Jacob Bailey
Tony Millionaire

Plus a photographic image of BP exec Tony Hayward's penis, caught in the moment of Petrol Bukkake climax!

Adults only. Like the Deepwater Horizon spill itself, some of this stuff is offensive.

Update!: There will be a reissue of this issue in the next few days to repair a few minor technical issues. If anyone else wants to send a last minute submission, do it quick!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lazer Artzine Number 13!

Hey! Lazer Artzine is a spectacular Belgian art journal. You should buy the new issue (Number 13) because my (mykl sivak's) artwork is printed inside!

"Where do you find it ?
If your aren’t in Belgium (who is?) you can buy it on our online shop.
It’s 15 euros (Post included) and you receive a original drawing* by Chanic with. (*ink on paper) Both of Last special issue printed on eco paper, european format A5 (closed), +- 70 pages"

"Lazer©artzine is a project initiated by Chanic, multi-disciplinary artist, working in Belgium. The purpose of the structure is to spread on paper, in a fanzine format,Belgian and international artists, emerging, giving them the opportunity to return to the medium in which these artists in their creative process work and express themselves."

Art from my "Some Gentlemen" series was also printed in issues Number 11 & 12. You can order those issue here, if you like:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 4: Marc Palm Guest Edit #2!

Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 4: Marc Palm Guest Edit #2!