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Friday, May 28, 2010

Nib Lit: Shannon Wheeler vs. Tony Millionaire!

"Nib-Lit Vol 1.5, Issue 1: Shannon Wheeler vs. Tony Millionaire. Six full pages of comics by these fellows!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm big in Italy!

Daniela Petkovic's "This is So Contemporary" arts blog had a contest and I, Mykl Sivak, was one of the winners. My piece was chosen as best by 100% Presi Bene, a collective of Italian DJs/producers/events managers, a.k.a party throwers, and definitely the coolest judges in the contest. Why did they pick my art? Because it reminded them of a "Nofx t shirt and the Sgorbions stickers that we have been collected in the 80's." In case you don't speak Italian, "Sgorbions"is the Italian name for Garbage Pail Kids. That is truly the best compliment I have ever received regarding my art. I hear they will be sending me a 100% Presi Bene t-shirt for winning, but what I really want is to go to one of their parties! It may not be immediately apparent, but I take a lot of inspiration in my artwork from graffiti and street culture. I take a lot of cues from the fashion, music and art of this global subculture and it means a lot to me to have some of its membership recognize me in this way. Thanks 100% Presi Bene; thanks Daniela, or should I say, grazie!

Here is some other press about the contest:

Wait! Magazine

Aymen TV

Monday, May 17, 2010

Catholic Crimefighter!

Nib-Lit: The Complete Volume One

Happy half-way-to-X-Mas!
"Nib-Lit: The Complete Volume One" is now available for free download. 12 issues, 25 pages, over 25 creators! You're welcome!

Work in progress: Rocketfish

Design I'm working on for Miya's Sushi:

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm big in Belgium: Sivak art @ Lazer Art Zine:

Check it! Lazer Art Zine #16 features artwork from my "Some Gentlemen" series. You can go to Belgium and pick up a free copy or you can order it online. Pretty cool to represent the ol' US of A in this great international publication:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nib-Lit 11

Featuring a masthead designed by Marc Palm and a guest column by Mike Wood, author of the novel "Alchemy"!

Plus, all the usual wonderful weirdness by Millionaire, Wheeler, Abadzis, Swellzombie,Baczynski, and sivak!

You're going to read it, and you're going to like it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nib-Lit Q & A Podcast, MoCCA 2010: Gabrielle Bell

Garbielle Bell/mykl sivak mutual armchair psychoanalysis!

Here's the interview I did with Gabrielle Bell last month at MoCCA 2010. I was pretty tired, but I think it wound up being a pretty interesting conversation. Enjoy!

Gabrielle Bell Interview MP3

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nib-Lit Live on the radio!

Yesterday (5/5/10) I had the opportunity to appear as a guest on WNPR's "The Colin McEnroe Show" to talk Nib-Lit and the Southern Connecticut State University News comics section. The focus of the show was a discussion of what Colin has dubbed "Microlit," or publications with small or niche distribution numbers. It was good fun to participate in the discussion and to speak with other Connecticut publishers/editors who are working on projects that share some similarities with our Nib-Lit project. It was especially fun to talk with Colin who is an intelligent and individual voice and a just plain nice guy. Colin's show truly is one of my favorite on the radio and it was an honor and a great pleasure to be a part of it!

The Colin McEnroe Show: Microlit

Guests' sites:

Gently Read Literature

The Scope Magazine

Venu Magazine

Nib-Lits 4-5, the apparently semi-lost issues!

I guess these issues were never properly posted here. Enjoy!

Nib-Lit 4(Mislabeled as 3):

Nib-Lit 5:

Nib-Lit 6:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nib-Lit 10!

This issue is doubly special in that it features two awesome Nib-Lit firsts!

Number 1: An all new masthead designed by our own Kristyna Baczynski.
As you can see she did an amazing job!

Number 2: Nib-Lit 10 marks the first of a series of comics contributed by one
of our favorite creators, Nick Abadzis!
We are psyched and honored to have him aboard!

Plus, all the usual wonderful weirdness by Millionaire, Wheeler, Swellzombie, Bayer & delaPuente, and mykl sivak!
As the good people at Coca-Cola are oft to say, Enjoy! However, our offerings won't rot your precious teeth!