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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Physical

In this special 3-page episode Mykl matches wits with the wily General Practitioner, but who shall have the ultimate upper hand? The learned M.D. has science on his side (as well as the bedside manner of a man-eating saber tooth). Meanwhile, clothed only in his V-neck and skivvies, Mykl is wide open to the doctor’s diabolical art. But the importance of this battle is subjective, and as the players verbally joust, the artist’s mind and pen wander to explore the grotesque beauty of post-modern commercial sprawl. So which is more meaningful, the jabbering mouth-nonsense of the evolved ape, or the careless and unaware result of his actions: the discarded soda cup, the grassy island amidst a tar-black lot, the ugly aesthetic of shopping plaza capitalism? Decide!

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