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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comics Semiotics: The weird world of Jack Chick

Here's a column I wrote about Jack Chick:

"You’ve probably seen them yourself, little rectangular Tijuana-bibles of things, longer than they are high, two-color printed covers. They have names like “The Beast”, “The Demon’s Nightmare”, and “The Death Cookie, printed in bold white against a solid black square. Perhaps you found one perched atop the t.p. in a truck stop john, or sitting in the dispenser slot of a cigarette machine. Maybe you’ve found one left on a park bench, or tucked between the worn copies of Puzzio paperbacks in the prison library. Jack Chick’s tracts are often used in a sort of passive proletarian evangelism. They spread the word about Chick’s personal brand of salvation in comics form..."

Check out the whole thing here

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